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A comprehensive UK hub website for jobs and employment related content. Our UK job search centre provides an essential point of reference for employment and other work or career resources. We efficiently direct jobseekers to the relevant job center, agency or employer. Please navigate using the employment categories below or use our search features. #

Job Seekers? Searching for a current job vacancy in the UK can be done by region or sector. Search for jobs in Manchester, Birmingham and Liverpool through to Bristol, Surrey and Kent or by sector, such as sales, teaching, shop jobs, nursing or computer software. You can either use the search facilities or explore our categories and locations via the job links above. You can easily identify the best employment agency to send your CV to and of course our recently posted online jobs are fully searchable. We try to visit the sites listed here and check that the listing fairly describes the services offered. They are often focused on local regions such as Kent, Surrey or Devon . Local agencies are listed in our 'local pages' covering towns such as Chester, Chelmsford, Brighton, Nottingham or Bristol and of course London. This hub website has been set up as a unique job portal covering local towns in Hampshire, Essex and the Midlands or the rest of the UK. We have organised listings into categories along both functional (part time or temp) and regional heirachies (London, Newcastle, Leeds amongst others).

Employer? Compared to traditional newspaper advertising, the world wide web provides a constant and effective national job center publicity campaign for the price of a tiny advertisment in a local newspaper. Million's of jobseekers will have access to employment / recruitment agency sites each and every day and a CV can easily be distributed online. The symbol is used throughout to identify prime listings. These sites being promoted on behalf of their owners. These high relevancy sites are given higher ranking on our directory pages and on search results. You can find more information about how to submit your own site for inclusion with a customised listing.

How? At the heart of the job center is a web crawler to identify essential UK employment agencies PLUS a database of current job vacancies. This offers visitors seeking employment a mix of other websites to check out AND immediate access to around 100,000 currrent jobs. Over the last 10 years we have edited, added or removed listings in order to maintain a high quality. We have searched for recruitment sites in places like Wolverhampton, Coventry and Southampton and across the UK. So for an accountancy or engineer job in London or Glasgow, search Jobs1 today. Each listing has been briefly reviewed and allocated to a category by humans, e.g. secretarial, sales or computer design, courier jobs, shop, telecoms or manager roles. The technology applied behind the scenes on ensures that this remains a useful and comprehensive collection of UK work related web sites, covering jobs in Wales, N. Ireland, Scotland and England. Not only do we list the huge online agencies, we also list small local long established and specialised human resources businesses supplying Rec2Rec UK. And, of course, you can search our database of current jobs. From Manchester to Hampshire, Cardiff to Stoke or Newcastle find a new career online. In Scotland we have specialist listings for Jobs in Edinburgh and Glasgow through to Aberdeen and Dundee.

Need some help? Check out job search help for users or webmaster FAQs. If you want to learn how to get the most out of this site, please explore the FAQ. Whether you are a jobseeker or a job provider we aim to make it easy for you to match up!

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