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Q. How do I use jobs1.co.uk for a job search?

A. jobs1.co.uk lists UK jobs related web sites PLUS current vacancies. We suggest you approach your jobs search in 3 ways:

  • Start from the key pages of current job vacancies:-

Key Center Pages
Jobs in Bristol
Jobs in Birmingham
Jobs in Coventry
Jobs in Devon
Jobs in Edinburgh
Jobs in Glasgow
Jobs in Hampshire
Jobs in Kent
Jobs in Leeds
Jobs in Liverpool
Jobs in London
Jobs in Manchester
Jobs in Middlesbrough
Jobs in Newcastle
Jobs in Sheffield
Jobs in Surrey
Jobs in Sussex
Jobs in Wales
Key Job Vacancy Pages
Construction Jobs
Engineering Jobs
Finance Jobs
Health Jobs
Marketing Jobs
Nursing Jobs
Offshore Jobs
Retail Jobs
Sales Jobs
Software Jobs
Teaching Jobs
Technical Jobs

  • Start from job search home. Visit the appropriate category page based on career area ie. teaching, nursing, accountancy etc.. These category pages are laid out in a simple heirachy.
  • Start from regional home. Visit a regional page ie. London, Scotland, Wales, NW, SE etc. for web sites which are broad based in jobs type but target locally.
  • Job search using the left box on each page. Focus your search and try to find web sites which specialise in your career area - then visit each result. [see below]

Q. How do I search for sites on jobs1.co.uk?

A. jobs1.co.uk top left searchbox allows a considerable degree of control over searches:
Element Meaning Example


Results which
contain both
nursing and london : only results containing both nursing and london (+nursing +london is the same)


Only this word +nursing : only containing nursing


Exclude results containing +nursing -london : nursing results excluding london


Results with either london or bristol : all results containing either, also....
+nursing or london : usefully finds nursing but ranks those with london a little higher

" "

Exact match "nursing in london" : finds exact match for the phrase


Search for website url:www.mysite.co.uk : finds listings by domain


Wild card nurs* : finds listings with nursing & nurses & nursery

Q. How comprehensive is jobs1.co.uk?

A. At the heart of jobs1.co.uk is a true web crawler and search engine. The majority of the listings on jobs1.co.uk have been collected automatically. Higher quality human Reviewed Listings suppliment these. Together, these two approaches to link collection, ensures that this remains a large collection of UK work related web sites. However, some web sites simply haven't been found.

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