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Q. How busy is jobs1.co.uk

A. Not as busy as it used to be!

Q. How does jobs1.co.uk find it's listings?

A. At the heart of jobs1.co.uk is a true web crawler and search engine. The majority of the listings on jobs1.co.uk have been collected automatically. These have a limited profile but provide a comprehensive selection of UK employment sites for our visitors. This has established the popularity of jobs1.co.uk. Each listing has been briefly reviewed and allocated to a category by humans. The actual web sites listed may not have been visited and viewed as part of this process. (See Disclaimer.)

Q How can I get my site into jobs1.co.uk?

A. Submit your jobs in UK web site for review.

Q. Why should I pay for a Reviewed Listing when my site is already listed?

A. These higher quality, human reviewed listings are given higher ranking on directory pages and on search results.

If you wish to improve the ranking of your site you can submit it for inclusion with a customised listing in your own words where you suggest the Title, Description, URL, Keywords and choice of directory categories.

Q. How do I check if my web site is listed?

A. Search jobs1.co.uk using the string url:yourdomain .

Q. How should I prepare my web site for spidering by jobs1.co.uk?

A. All web site's should have properly laid out <TITLE> & <META> tags. These are not just important for jobs1.co.uk's crawler when it visits, but will help with other web crawlers and search engine listings.

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