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  • Find out as much as you can about the company, business or the person the interview is with. Do some Google searches on the company and see if there are any dodgy stories about them!

  • Never ring a premium rate number (prefixed 070 or 090) for more information about a vacancy. Also, be wary about sending texts which some companies ask you to do. Giving out your number or paying anything to find out more job information is usually a con.

  • Never give an employer your personal financial and bank details until you actually have started the job. Make sure you have a job offer in writing and the vacancy is yours before giving out any personal info.

  • Do not give out other personal details, such as your National Insurance number and date of birth to a potential employer or any recruitment agency until you have a legitimate job offer.

  • Do not pay any fees or money up front for help with job hunting or training. Find out more about the employer or recruitment agency first to ensure they are genuine. Do some searching on the web.

  • Sort out how you will get to and from the interview, especially if the interview is outside of a town.

  • Tell a friend or relative where you are going, including the address and what time you expect to be back home.
  • For jobs that offer accommodation, always make sure you see the accommodation - if possible don't go alone, even if this means a friend or family member has to wait outside.

  • If the interview takes place outside normal working hours, see if you can arrange for someone to collect you. If it is a remote location, have someone wait outside.

  • Make sure the interview is at the company's place of work or in a suitable public place.

  • Do not allow the interview to take place in your own home.

  • Do not talk about personal and private matters that have no relevance to the job

  • Do not accept a lift home from the person interviewing you

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