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SearchTwice has 125,000 jobs from all UK industries. UK Accountancy, banking, insurance, finance, catering, hospitality, and construction jobs. Real estate agents, customer service (call centers, help desk), education (teaching assistants, school admin), electronics, engineering, manufacturing, and utilities jobs.


IT jobs including oracle, sap java programming, systems analyst, and design, web design using photoshop or dreamweaver, legal, management consulting, marketing, and advertising, PR, media, new media, and creative arts jobs. London, Bristol, Leeds, or Manchester non-profit and charity jobs Wolverhampton, Southampton, Leicester, and Birmingham public sector; Kent, Yorkshire, Surrey, and Essex leisure jobs; science to secretarial for PAs and admin.


Senior management and director roles for blue chip UK companies, telecomms positions and transport opportunities, new careers and appointments for London, Derby, Cardif, and Nottingham, logistics, aerospace, travel, leisure, and tourism jobs in Newcastle, Liverpool, Brighton, and Plymouth. Search for jobs or check wages from London to Glasgow, Belfast to Manchester. Find jobs in Liverpool, engineering (programming to civil) in Birmingham, or construction in Slough.

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A tool for calculating hourly wages and salaries in various job sectors. Salary surveys for the United Kingdom are available, as is a tool to check wages for the Armed Forces, education jobs, and fashion or beauty jobs such as hairdressing and health or fitness. Finance and financial salaries, as well as food and catering and programmer and computer sales salaries, can be investigated. Salaries and wages in the law, media, and publishing, as well as the hourly rate of pay for employees in retail services, sports, transportation, and travel.

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Professional and technical management jobs. Candidates can post their cvs or download jobs to their pda. Media, executive, project management, banking, and financial jobs in London, Bristol, and the UK. Retail, leisure, and hospitality graduate jobs. Engineering, call center, telesales, HR, and accounting/finance jobs are available in financial services. Temporary and part-time admin and secretarial jobs. Construction, IT, science research and consulting, management, telecomms, distribution and logistics, warehouse-to-driver jobs. Marketing, travel, public sector, legal secretarial, customer service, business development. Bath and Milton Keynes have health and safety jobs, Berkshire and Edinburgh have accountancy and insurance jobs, and Southampton and Birmingham have sales assistant jobs. Teaching and telesales jobs in Bristol and Hampshire. Jobs in Surrey include catering and chef, academic and software programming, and java, software tester, systems analyst, and developer. C++, Oracle, and database administration jobs in Wolverhampton and Cheshire; project manager, field sales rep, and salesperson jobs in Kent. Software and systems designer jobs were available from the west midlands to Cumbria, and in Leeds. Part-time office admin and secretary jobs in Wrexham, Essex, and London. East Anglia and Manchester store manager, driving, courier, and pub, bar, and restaurant catering jobs.

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Management job seekers in the United Kingdom can submit their CVs and then search online for jobs posted by specialist management job agencies.