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Top UK Employment Agencies
Top UK Employment Agencies

You must abide by specific rules if you operate an employment agency or firm. No, you can't charge a job seeker for help in seeking a job, prevent someone from quitting their job or ending their contract with you make sure to ask for the name of any potential employers. With hold any owed money or salaries. Provide a replacement temporary worker for someone participating in industrial action. UK employment agencies are a great way of looking for job vacancies appropriate for you.

Organizations exempt from the rules

Those businesses and employment agencies are exempt from the regulations: Universities, certain other educational institutions, and appointment boards or services, local governments, employers' organizations, unions, and certain associations for professionals, charities, specific services offered only to former members of the HM forces or to those who have been released from prison or another institution.

Publications that promote assistance for seeking work

You must typically adhere to the regulations for employment agencies and businesses if you operate a publication or website that is solely or mostly focused on offering a job-finding service. However, the restrictions generally don't apply if job adverts make up a minor portion of the content produced.

Paying job applicants

If you own an employment service, you are not obligated to compensate a job applicant after connecting them with an employer.

Employer organizations

The temporary workers you provide must be paid if you operate an employment firm. Even if the hirer hasn't paid you or the temporary employee doesn't have a timesheet that has been approved by the hirer, you are still required to pay them for all of the hours they put in.

Differences between corporations and employment agencies

Employers hire and pay job-seekers who use employment agencies to get jobs. Because once the person is hired, they become an employee of the business they are working for, this is frequently referred to as "permanent employment." However, the laws governing modeling and entertainment are different.

Employer organizations

A job seeker is hired by employment businesses (sometimes referred to as agencies) under a contract to work under someone else's supervision. This is commonly referred to as "temping" or "temporary agency labor."

Under these agreements, the firm pays employees rather than the company they are supplied to. When a company conducts both, it is required to abide by the laws governing employment agencies and employment enterprises.

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1973 Employment Agencies Act

The Employment Agencies Act of 1973 (c. 35) is a piece of UK agency worker law that was passed by the UK Parliament. It controls how employment agencies behave when they hire and manage both temporary and permanent workers. In the UK, there are over 17,000 job agencies that are affected. Representative for Rutland and Stamford Kenneth Lewis proposed it as a private member's bill.


The Act originally included a licensing system in its provisions. Every company that wished to open an employment agency had to get a license, which might be rejected or withdrawn if certain requirements weren't met (such as not charging workers registration fees or advertising positions that didn't exist). The Act was passed at the same time as similar reforms in other parts of Europe, such as the German (Employee Hiring Law of 1972). ArbeitnehmerüberlassungsgesetzIn 1976, regulations establishing more specific rules went into effect.


With the Deregulation and Contracting Out Act of 1994, the Conservative government eliminated the license system as part of its deregulation campaign in 1994. The Employment Agency Standards Inspectorate would be in charge of enforcing the laws instead.

The Employment Relations Act of 1999, Section 31 with Chapter 7, gave the Secretary of State authority to issue new laws impacting businesses and their employees. The 1976 regulations were replaced with new ones in 2003. Except in a small number of largely arts-related professions, the Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations 2003 forbids the collecting of fees (e. g. modelling). The limited additions introduced in 2003 mostly dealt with candidate qualification checks and information confidentiality.

Notes concerning the laws

House of Commons Debates, Volume 856, Pages 1854–74, May 18, 1973 1803–2005 in Hansard. United Kingdom's parliament. Obtained on January 27, 2012. House of Lords Debates, Volume 343, Pages 330–50, 8 June 1973 1803–2005 in Hansard. United Kingdom's parliament. Obtained on January 27, 2012. Labor Relations Act of 1999, Section 7. The Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations, Statutory Instrument 2003 No. 3319 check out DBERR's guidance on the regulations.

To sum up, a job search is not an easy procedure, you should be ready for that mentally, but no worries, any recruitment agency may help you if you have any troubles or difficulties in it, you just need to have your CV and candidate database (your experience, skills, preferable job title and job type, companies). It is not troublesome to find relevant jobs but it is annoying to find that one that is appropriate, especially for you.

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