Online job applications are accepted at online hub for jobs

Online job applications are accepted at online hub for jobs
Online job applications are accepted at online hub for jobs

Seeking employment? On the Employment Victoria website, you can browse and apply for jobs. You can search and apply for jobs on our online hub for jobs for free.

Find local employment

View the available job listings on the online hub.

To apply for jobs, sign up!

You need to register in order to apply for jobs on the online hub. You just need to fill up a short form with your contact information and basic personal information.

Getting job alerts

You will receive information about new opportunities that fit your interests and location after registering on the online hub. Get assistance signing up in other languages.

Do I qualify?

Every job seeker, including foreign students, has free access to the Jobs Victoria web center.

More details regarding the online hub

On the online hub, what kinds of employment can I find? Various, ranging from junior to senior roles to paid internships. Construction, hospitality, disability support, parks and recreation, government, human resources, health, transportation, hair and beauty, marketing and events, retail, IT, automotive, and many other industries all have job openings.

Do I have to register in order to look for work?

Can I use my mobile device to search for jobs? Yes. You can log into the web hub and search for jobs on your mobile device using the Sidekicker app.

What takes place after I register?

Your account with the internet hub will be made. You may access your account at any time to search job opportunities, submit applications, and edit your profile. You'll start receiving email alerts when new job openings match your location and interests.

Can I update my profile? What does it look like?

Employers can view your personal profile in your online hub account when you submit a job application. An online resume is similar to your profile. You can update it with information about who you are and your professional background.

Will you notify me when any new positions are posted?

Yes. You will begin receiving email notifications when new positions are posted once you register on the online portal. The Sidekicker software allows you to receive notifications directly on your phone.

What further services does Jobs Victoria provide to job seekers?

Through our staff of Advocates, Mentors, and Career Counsellors, Jobs Victoria offers tailored assistance to Victorians looking for employment. 

Easy Read manual

For job seekers with limited literacy in the English language, there is an Easy Read guide to signing up for the online hub. The material in the handbook is conveyed using clear language and images.

Other language assistance

Other languages have translations of a step-by-step instruction manual for signing up for the online hub.

Unleash your potential! Effect what counts

We're HUB. Hello and welcome! We provide advice on how to accomplish goals to both corporations and young people. When you engage with us, you become the focal point of a vast network of risk, insurance, employee benefits, retirement, and wealth management specialists that provide customised solutions and unwavering advocacy to provide clarity to a changing world. You are now prepared for tomorrow.

Business Profile

When 11 independently owned insurance brokerages merged in 1998, HUB International was created. HUB represents a huge, deep, and unique aggregation of insurance entrepreneurs and is currently one of the largest insurance brokers in the world. 13,000+workers in North America. The biggest insurance brokers in the world. 450+across North America, offices.

Missions of HUB

Its aim is to safeguard and promote the goals of people, families, and organizations; to encourage our staff to learn, develop, and improve their communities.

Our Principles

Entrepreneurship - We support creativity and prudent risk-taking.Integrity: We consistently act morally upright. Teamwork: we cooperate to achieve the best results. Accountability: we monitor results and accept accountability for them. Service - we provide service to our clients, communities, and coworkers.

Why Pick HUB?

We provide a competitive, engaging, and welcoming work environment that strategically places our employees for longevity and success across our network of more than 450 HUB offices in North America. At HUB, we support ongoing opportunities for professional development and progress for all of our team members. With an emphasis on enhancing the industry expertise of our insurance professionals to better serve our esteemed clients, our entrepreneurial culture fosters an environment where our people are empowered to make the best decisions for our customers and business. We are dedicated to offering you affordable and adaptable benefit alternatives that are based on your present requirements but change as those requirements do. Join us in taking the first step toward a future where a diversified, stimulating work environment is combined with financial security and professional fulfillment. If any of the following apply to you:are looking for a progressive work environment at a quickly expanding companyaspire to assist people in securing their futurepossess an entrepreneurial drive and find the chance to expand the business challengingare committed to continuing education in order to increase your industry knowledge and expertiseare a self-starter prepared to devote the necessary time and effort to learning our company's technical features.

Benefits of such a job search

We provide a dynamic benefits package that is based on your present requirements but changes over time as those requirements change. We're dedicated to giving you the materials and tools you need to make the most of your benefit package. We think that a wellness program can boost staff morale and assist their individual health objectives. We take great pride in providing our employees with medical insurance plans that not only cover illness and accidents but also let you and your family concentrate on staying healthy. In addition to providing a variety of medical plans to support the health of our employees, we have worked hard to develop a comprehensive program that reflects our values and vision in order to increase motivation and engagement.

HUB Healthy Habits was developed to inform, energize, and promote employee engagement in overall health and wellness, and to motivate staff to live a healthy lifestyle both inside and outside of the workplace. Office health initiatives, such as monthly educational health and exercise events, are overseen by on-site health committees. Technology: health initiatives and competitions are delivered through a portal on the HUB intranet and a mobile app. Tools: our employees created break rooms that are equipped with balls, bands, and small weights. Healthy competitions: contests and campaigns with rewards for reaching fitness and dietary targets. Track your performance and receive health coaching. All employees have access to health coaches.

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